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Letter From The Secretary General

Dear Delegates and Distinguished Guests,

It is an absolute privilege to invite you all to the Seventh edition of Manipal University Jaipur Model United Nations (MUJMUN). The conference is being organized from August 30 to September 1, 2019. At MUJMUN, over the past six years, we have created a legacy of providing students from all over the nation with the opportunity to showcase their debating skills and diplomatic prowess in a holistic learning experience. MUJMUN 7.0 will not just impart knowledge amongst the participants through seven varied committees, but also provide a platform to discuss and deliberate upon critical global issues. It provides the opportunity to raise their voices and bring out solutions that are yet to be explored on a global scale. With several collaborations, our aim is to deliver international exposure and support to seek the art of diplomacy. The Secretariat has worked with utmost dedication to make this conference one to remember for each and every individual who features in it. Through our skill, hard work, passion and professionalism, we are well equipped to ensure that each participant learns in a manner that helps them develop not just in this domain, but also go beyond what the world of Model United Nations has to offer. With this spirit in our mind, we sincerely hope that this inspiration reaches out to you and we, as a connected global community rise together and #BreakTheSilence. We hope to host you at Manipal University Jaipur soon!

For any further queries, please feel free to reach out at [email protected]

Best regards

— Ujwal Sachdeva


Induction Programmes

In the 7th edition of MUJMUN we are introducing a helping hand for various schools and colleges to get a better feel of what a Model United Nations is. With the help of of workshops and induction programs conducted by reputable figures in the MUN circuit students can benefit in various ways such as: Learn valuable debating skills and public speaking skills. Overall character development. Growth as a global citizen. First hand experience of how an MUN feels and how to go about doing their research.

Schedule And Dress code

Dress Code


Opening Ceremony

30 Aug 2019

Day : Friday

Committee Session 1 - 2

31 Aug 2019

Day : Saturday

Committee Session 3 - 4

1st Sept 2019

Day : Sunday

City Tour

only for International Students

2nd Sept 2019

Day : Monday


We’ve had the pleasure of hosting students from all over the country and abroad. Look at what some of them have to say about the conference and our hospitality (Click the names below).

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The Manipal University Jaipur Model United Nations Conference will proudly host seven simulated committees from the United Nations. With the presence of multiple member states, international organizations, and related governmental and non-governmental bodies, the debate and discussion will be driven by the delegates. Guided by the best executive board members, the committees will witness exhaustive and efficient dialogue over the most pressing issues of today’s world.

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